You Can Make A Difference In the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Adorned Bridal’s anti-trafficking mission depends on the efforts of many volunteers. Below are some of the volunteers that we look for. If you have a skill or interest related to our work that isn’t on this list, please reach out to us!

  • Sales Associate: Do you have one free Saturday a month? Our greatest need is for Sales Associates, who have the delightful task of helping each happy bride-to-be search for her perfect dress.
  • Other Volunteer Roles: Photography, Videography, Marketing, Modeling, Special Event Coordination, Inventory Organizing, Sewing, Shop Maintenance, and more!

Video: What's It Like to Volunteer At Adorned Boutique?

Volunteer Testimonials

As a volunteer at Adorned in Grace I get to serve brides and their families during one of the most important times in their lives. Helping them find the dress that they have dreamed of and praying for them when they leave reminds me that I can be the hands and feet of Jesus. The mission to help prevent and fight human trafficking is near and dear to my heart. I love that I am part of the Adorned in Grace Team.


"I love to volunteer with Adorned in Grace for so many reasons. A couple of my top reasons are being able to help brides find that perfect dress and seeing the joy in their faces when they find “the one.” Also knowing we are doing God’s work while getting to help these women and spreading that joy and love of the Lord. It’s such an amazing blessing and feels so rewarding even if they don’t find the dress--just making it a fun, loving experience. Also it never feels like work, you get to play dress up all day with these beautiful dresses and meet amazing people!


I love working at the boutique and helping people find that perfect dress or dresses. I was never able to go to prom or have a wedding so it’s nice to help others make their dreams come true and make those special moments all they dreamed they would be.

AndreaVolunteer and Trafficking Survivor

Working at Adorned in Grace with volunteers and clients is so rewarding--we become like a family with a shared vision and hope.

TracyVolunteer Retail Manager